17 June, 2013

Great white sharks - most endangered species in the universe

First off, I am deeply offended by DaShark’s latest entry where he accuses me of being ‘human’ and ‘soft’Have I lost my edge so soon?  Have I turned into just another whinger with a keyboard (and a shark blog)???  Only time will tell…

As for the DICT, I admit to my soft spot.  Gansbaai is a klein dorpie where the omniscient shark experts, shark saviours, and shark ‘men’ roam the streets/pubs/grocery stores.  For one to merely live here you must either avoid the egos or become one of them.  So, I do relate to the DICT researchers who are based here and also dare to publish research that questions the Gansbaai white shark paradigm (i.e. there are not 2000 GWSs in the bay).  With this environment, it is no wonder that so many shark researchers in the past dropped everything to escape Gansbaai.  I hope the DICT can keep it up even under such hazardous living conditions.

…and for fucks sake fix that infographic!  While the Marine Dynamics based 'sharkfographic' certainly succeeded in spreading word about the research (already more people have read the PLOS article than there were GWSs in Gansbaai from 2007-2012!), the graphic has a massive error on the top panel that journalists are only too happy to report!  The information on the bottom 9/10ths of the infographic is solid, but the top panel is completely false, not based on the research, and hopefully gets changed.  But at this stage, the damage is done… 

Did you know that ‘the great white could be one of the most endangered species in the world’ (source)?  Did you see the meme heard round the world?  Where are the online petitions???  But it’s not all bad write-ups, check out iol.co.za’s write up and Scenic South, so far the only accurate ones.

Closing comments?  If you spend years on a project, don't let your work be marketed independently and commercially as it just might facilitate a classic media bonanza of bullshit.

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