18 July, 2013

Is a shark forecast in our future?

Check out the latest False Bay white shark manuscript just published in PLOS ONEWeltz et al. 2013. "The Influence of Environmental Variables on the Presence of White Sharks, Carcharodon carcharias at Two Popular Cape Town Bathing Beaches: A Generalized Additive Mixed Model." doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0068554

Sound elegant science, done like a boss, with female authors leading the publication.  Let this please be the beginning of a much needed shift in South African white shark science!

Take away message?  Make sure you double check the SST and moon phase before you go out.  Is this novel info?  For white shark science - yes, but for shore based anglers - no.  Nonetheless, it is great to see this kind of information translated into a language academics/government officials are capable of digesting.

So... any bets on how long it takes for a crazy to develop a sea-cooling 'shark barrier'? 

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