12 July, 2013

Sharknado - two fins up! [with spoilers]

I love these movies, because I was one of the many raised on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and, as a researcher, I can relax knowing that the audience is aware of the film's fallacy.  This is opposed to most (not all) shark documentaries, which have literally given me the night sweats as they are chock-a-block full of pseudo science or (spoiler alert) are completely faked.  Films like Sharknado purposefully take the piss and, considering what passes as a shark documentary now a days, Sharknado could be doing more good for sharks than bad - follow me out on this limb...

The film starts out with a scene on an offshore trawler where they are finning sharks.  Spoiler Alert: The fishermen get owned by the pissed off sharks.  Then, once the sharks are pissed off, they go into shore and start causing havoc while the unnatural hurricane (caused by global warming) hitting Los Angeles makes tornadoes which suck up the water full of sharks.  Sharks are then thrown around town killing people (since no one seems to be able to stand up and just walk away from the sharks after they have landed) or start swimming into the flooded streets (based on fact).

After a massive failure of logic (you really expect me to believe that one can dive into a shark's stomach chainsaw first and not cut up the girl that's trapped inside???), the take-away message is: Don't fin sharks and piss them off while simultaneously fucking with the climate, this makes Sharknadoes and no one's got time for that.  Is this worse or better than the take away message that killer sharks are your friends and you need sharks to breathe oxygen so save them?  They are both based on b.s. and which do you think is more effective?

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